JETTPROOF Founder wins 3 Aus Mumpreneur Awards ❤️

JETTPROOF Founder wins 3 Aus Mumpreneur Awards ❤️

🏆 Product Design Award
🏆 Global Brand Award
🏆 Product Innovation Award

The AusMumpreneur Awards recognize Australian Mums in business achieving outstanding success in areas such as business excellence, product development, customer service and innovation. The awards are designed to recognize the growing number of women who successfully balance motherhood and business in a way that suits their life and family.

She started JettProof in 2014 in her garage working solo, and after 6 years has a factory and warehouse in Newcastle, NSW which employs 22 people, as well as an office in the UK. Recently, she gave a TEDx Talk on “Living Her Purpose”.

“My 10 year old son Jett was the inspiration behind my innovative brand, JettProof. When he was 3, he was diagnosed as Autistic, a Global Development Delay and Sensory Processing Disorder, and was nonverbal. Jett had up to 12 meltdowns most days and seeing the pain in his eyes was unbearable. I was desperate to find a product to help Jett stay calm, focused and responsive to language and instructions. A worldwide search did not locate a suitable sensory based garment for children with these needs that would gently self-regulate a child and could be worn under regular clothing throughout the day, every day, for all seasons. So, I put on my entrepreneur hat and decided to make it myself.”

With more than 22 years of clothing manufacturing, design, export and marketing experience and an entrepreneurial spirit, Michelle developed a solution, along with a team of specialists, to help Jett and other families throughout the world.

There are many benefits to balancing business and motherhood as Michelle explains, “I love living my purpose and making a difference to the lives of people throughout the world. I also love leading my team and creating a wonderful team culture and workplace environment. Many of my talented team have children and family on the spectrum, and I have created a workplace which provides flexibility for them to work hours that suit their family needs. As a mumpreneur I have learnt to look behind the challenges and create the solutions.”